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Terms & Conditions

  1. This commission is for personal use only – you can ask me for a commercial price if needed. 

  2. I have the right to my artwork/pieces and can post your commission for future samples

  3. I am allowed to decline your commission request if I think I won’t do you any justice 


  1. I will start writing after payment

  2. Commission will be done in 4-7 days, please be patient

  3. You are allowed for revision 3 times. No starting from scratch

  4. You must provide me with references – theme, brief summary, and important keywords/events (images are a great help too!) – this is for me to deliver better results

Commission Form

Thanks for your request!

I will get back to you soon

Payment Details

  1. Payment upfront is required

  2. There is no refund. You can cancel your commission request if the price doesn’t suit you – we can discuss 

  3. The total price will be given after we discuss your reference 

  4. I use Paypal for international commission

  5. For local commission, I use BCA Digital – Local Price Calculations: USD Price x 15,000


Poems - starts from $20*

Letters - starts from $35*

*Fixed Price will be given after discussion

Slots Available: 7/10

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